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La Plata Bracelet - set of 5

La Plata Bracelet - set of 5

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This beautiful bracelet set splendidly stirs both dark and bright Japanese glass beads and is a sought-after piece among online shoppers. Its minimalistic design is subtle, genuine and suits any outfit. 

This neutral color combination works well with bright-colored shirts and t-shirts and could make a great small gift for a friend or a family member. Due to its popularity, we believe it would make a great addition to a growing online store for younger clientele.

Each piece is made by local artisans in Guatemala and is both easy to clean and water-resistant. 

Item description: 

  • Material: Miyuki glass beads on elastic thread.
  • Dimensions in inches: 2.5" diameter
  • Care: Water-resistant, no special care.

Due to the hand crafted characteristics there may be minor variations in size and color shading.

La Casa Guatemala offers sustainably-sourced jewelry and apparel items handcrafted by artisans living and working in Guatemala. Unlike other retailers, we offer our jewelry at affordable prices, making our collections available to more brands. We also do business responsibly. Our affordable, top-tier quality jewelry products help support local communities of artisans based in Guatemala and most particularly Mayan women. 

Learn more about our initiatives here in Guatemala, where we annually collaborate with 600-1000 artisans and help them achieve financial security, stability, and well-being. 

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