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La Casa Guatemala offers a selection of handcrafted ethnic earrings, suitable for brands in fashion & accessories who are looking for high-quality, authentic goods. View our collection of ethnic earrings on this page. 

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  • Ceramic Handpainted Earrings Mini drops - handmade in Guatemala
    Green glossy ceramic finish Drops delicatedly mounted on golden studs and  huggie hoop.
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Our collection of ethnic earrings is perfect for your clients who want to complement their personal appearance and update their fashion choices. Our wholesale earrings feature whimsical and fanciful earring designs and patterns, elaborately woven with glimmering beads in different shapes and colors. They are suitable for various dress codes and were created by an inspiring collective of Guatemalan artisans whom we are delighted to work and collaborate with. Some of our items are made with asymmetrical shapes that are visually stimulating and compelling. Other pieces are made with intricate patterns that recall the Guatemalan culture and spirit while being easily combined with both casual and formal outfits. Your clients can wear them on special occasions such as birthdays and weddings, business meetings with clients from work, or just enjoy them casually at home. They also work perfectly as a gift for friends, spouses, mothers, and colleagues who enjoy a nice pair of earrings. Our earring collection is marked by a focus on natural materials that are durable, water-resistant, and do not require careful attention to care and clean. Each pair of earrings represents the genuine, inimitable work of Guatemalan artisans. We collaborate with 600-1000 Guatemalan artisans, particularly Mayan women, who often live in remote areas of the country. Whilst exporting high-quality and unique jewelry for brands worldwide, we also support local job growth across communities in Guatemala, contributing to the financial well-being of hundreds of artisans and their families.