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MiniCruz bracelet

MiniCruz bracelet

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These lovely glass beads bracelets mix special Japanese beads, enclosed by waxed cotton threads in a ladder design that reveals staggered mini-cross motifs. 

The MiniCruz bracelet is a perfect choice for shoppers who look for a subtle yet intricate hand accessory either for themselves or as a gift for friends as a gesture of appreciation. 

This bracelet will work as a cool gift and accessory option for various online shoppers. Each piece is handcrafted by Guatemalan artisans, is water-resistant and does not require any special care. 

Item description:

  • A single strand closed with a metallic button and loop. 
  • Material: Miyuki glass beads on an acrylic thread.
  • Dimensions in inches: 2.5'' diameter
  • Care: Water-resistant, no special care.

The MiniCruz bracelet is an admired addition to La Casa Guatemala's environment-friendly collection of jewelry. We closely collaborate with a network of jewelry makers based in Guatemala to deliver top-quality, affordable pieces of jewelry that your customers can wear with any outfit. 

Each piece embodies the spirit of Guatemalan craftsmanship and its artisans who are masterfully skilled in devising jewelry designs. 

Our collection pieces are offered at affordable prices, helping to make our collection more accessible. That said, each purchase helps support the lives of our Guatemalan artisans and grow the local economy. 

La Casa Guatemala jewelry is authentic and will make a valuable addition to your online store. Check out our 'About us' page to find out more. 

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