Wineglass Pompom Charms - Set of 12 units

Wineglass Pompom Charms - Set of 12 units

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These are perfect for buyers who like home parties and want to introduce some puffy pompom magic to their homes.

These pompom charms are ideal to add a surprising and cheeky touch to wine glasses while hosting parties, but they certainly have other usages as well. These pompom charms can also be used as funny hair bands, be hung on doorknobs, or used to decorate the kitchen appliances.

Our wineglass pompom charms are made from acrylic thread and elastic hair bands. You can clean them very easily by just washing them with mild soap. 

These pompom charms help make any gathering or event memorable. For shy customers who may be hosting a group of friends and acquaintances, these pompom charms act as great conversation starters and help break the ice. Each set contains 12 pompom charms. 

Item details: 

  • Material: Acrylic thread, elastic hair bands.
  • Dimensions in inches: 1.5" diameter elastic band and 1" diameter 
  • Care: Handwash with mild soap.

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