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Terracotta Plates - in sets of 4 per size

Terracotta Plates - in sets of 4 per size

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Perfect for an outdoor barbecue with family and friends. This clay has resistance to high temperatures, thus it is perfect for open-fire cooking. Food-Safe and lead-free because no dyes or glazes were used. Handmade in Guatemala. 
Three different sizes so you can assemble your very own dinnerware.

SKU CMO-03L, dimensions 14 1/2" diam, weighs 1.5 kgs
SKU CMO-03M, dimensions 11 1/2" diam, weighs 1 kg
SKU CMO-03S, dimensions 10" diam, weighs 900 grs

We suggest you store your plates on a plate rack, to avoid excesive and uneven weight on each other that could lead to cracks or chips on the plate’s rim.

Due to the handcraft characteristics of these plates, there might be slight changes in color, shape, size and weight.

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