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Saturn Earrings

Saturn Earrings

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This pair of striking, oval-shaped ethnic earrings is a gentle fusion of black and silver Miyuki glass beads, offering a distinct sense of glamor and style.

Each piece is meticulously handmade. The authentic design of these Saturn Earrings makes them easily combine with other pieces of jewelry - they often become a wardrobe favorite, for their versatility and style.

We recommend pairing these Saturn Earrings with a light-blue or white t-shirt, or loose garments with similar bright colors. Your customers can wear them with or without makeup, or with their hair in a bun to achieve a more eye-catching and noticeable aesthetic.

To wear these Saturn Earrings in a more subtle manner, we recommend combining dark-blue or green pieces of clothing. Although these earrings look delicate, they do not require any special attention and treatment. 

Item details:

  • Earrings made from Miyuki glass beads and metal hooks.
  • Dimensions in inches: 2" long x 1" wide
  • Care: Water-resistant, no special care.

Due to the hand crafted characteristics there may be minor variations in size and color shading.

The Saturn Earrings are a beloved part of La Casa Guatemala's eco-conscious selection of jewelry. We work with a network of local artisans and jewelry makers from Guatemala to create top-quality, inexpensive pieces of jewelry that are wearable for various occasions.

Each piece embodies the spirit and creativity of Guatemalan craftsmen and craftswomen, who are highly experienced in designing branded jewelry items.

We offer our collection at prices that are considerably cheaper than other jewelry outlets, helping to make our collections accessible for more brands. This allows us to support artisans and their families in Guatemala to build a better future.

What you'll find in La Casa Guatemala jewelry is genuine and rare items that make a valuable addition to your online store. Visit our 'About us' page to learn more.

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