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Disco Ball Earrings

Disco Ball Earrings

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A pair of Disco Ball Earrings may well be your pick if you're looking for a set of funny, attention-grabbing, and offbeat ethnic earrings for your customers.

Each element that makes up these stylish Disco Ball earrings pair has three different-sized balls of Miyuki glass beads, making it a whimsical and fanciful piece of earwear.

These earrings might make for an amusing gift or a casual jewelry item for customers who attend lots of parties and enjoy combining their jewelry with various urban-style outfits. 

With their metallic aesthetic, these ethnic earrings match well with jeans and casual streetwear, pairing equally well with high heel shoes or sneakers.

Item details:

  • Earrings made from Miyuki glass beads and metallic hooks.
  • Care: Water-resistant, no special care.

Due to the hand crafted characteristics there may be minor variations in size and color shading.

Each piece of jewelry offered by La Casa Guatemala is handmade and sustainably sourced from Guatemalan artisans who are highly experienced in crafting high-quality branded jewelry.

We take pride in working with a growing network of artisans and designers based in Guatemala. Our products are always authentic, and accessible for a much more convenient price. 

Find out more about work by visiting our "About us" page.

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