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Chabela tote
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Chabela Tote

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This is a hand-embroidered item made with a punch-needle technique.  Punch needle embroidery is similar to rug hooking but it´s not quite the same, punch needle punches the loops down into the work, whereas rug hooking uses a different tool to pull the loops up through the work. The two techniques actually form the same type of stitch, but the action is a bit different.  It goes much faster than traditional embroidery, and you can mix and match different fibers, weights and stitch heights to create magnificent textures and designs.  Although Monk's cloth is the most common fabric for punch needle, we decided to use upcycled canvas, using embroidery floss in very fine needles, combining different heights of stitches, even reverse punch needle stitching to give a stunning result of 3D. 

We produced a collection of handcrafted products built upon the abilities and traditions from a few communities in the rural areas of Guatemala in order to generate immediate income for needed women artisans and the resulting designs involve silk-screen printing, punch needle embroidery and sewing workshops.  A single wide-ranging palette of threads was used across the communities in order to craft a homogenous collection.

 Due to the hand crafted characteristics there may be minor variations in size and color shading.

Chabela Tote