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Ceramic Whistle on Iron Stand - BIRD

Ceramic Whistle on Iron Stand - BIRD

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These little, incredibly well formed Whistles have been handmade for years by skilled ceramists in Totonicapan, inspired by guatemalan animals that are common to the highland population and in their daily lives: Chickens, various Birds, Fish.  Green-Brownish enamel on top and an iron stand make all the difference so these "creatures" will shine on your home decoration.  Each one has a unique tone when you blow it. 

MOQ 6 units

Item Features

Bird or Chicken SKU LCC-Pito Bird
Fish SKU LCC-Pito Fish
Whistle: 5cms wide x 7cms long x 4.5cms high
Iron Stand:  square 3.8sms x 3.8cms, 5cms high, seating base 2.5cms diameter

100% handmade in Guatemala, thus small variations of color, size and enamel may appear.

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