Set of 6 safety pins - Keychain

Set of 6 safety pins - Keychain

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Keychains don't have to be boring! Our set of intricate and colorful brass safety pins are here to add an authentic and beautifully styled keychain to the lives of your customers!

Each pin is partially covered with woven glass beads in a variety of bright patterns, providing a jubilant pop against a shirt or jeans. Aside from using them as a keychain, these colorful safety pins can also help you hold a scarf in place or brighten the strap or a shoulder bag. 

We don´t need much to brighten up our appearance and communicate to the world that we are a positive, warm-hearted human being who loves colors and enjoys great details. These pins add that little touch of magic to your daily experiences.

Item description:

  • Material: Miyuki glass beads and extra-large metal pin, antique finish.
  • Decoration pin to place in bags and to hold scarves.
  • Dimensions in inches: 3" long x 1.1 wide
  • Care: Water-resistant, no special care.

Due to the handcrafted characteristics there may be minor variations in size of beading and color shading.   No two will be identical.

La Casa Guatemala collaborates with a group of artisans and craftsmen living and working across Guatemala to bring you authentic, high-quality products at affordable prices.

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